MIDI clock, Effect tempo sync

Let’s say one is using MG2 on iOS in AUM.
The AUM session can generate MIDI clock to control beat sync fx like arpeggiators/delays etc.
Can the clock be sent to MG2 to control devices which are running within itself? I tried but failed. I’m guessing the answer is no…is this possible to fix softwarewise? Is it the same on desktop say in Ableton Live 10? I will check it out tomorrow but figured I may as well ask here first. Thanks

the current overall MG concept is, to be a strict midi generator when used as a plugin:
So you sync your loaded synth’s arpeggiator, and MG just generates the notes.

Hey Paul, thanks for the reply. Fair enough that MG2 is primarily a generator. The thing is, you can’t even send MIDI clock to the standalone version in iOS. Therefore if the standalone MG2 app is hosting an AU Device (it does have AU hosting capability after all) that wants/requires a MIDI clock/sync message it will have to be set manually — Seems far from ideal. Anyway, food for thought. I suppose if MG2 is simply used as a stand-alone generator the host (AUM/AB3/ApeMatrix etc.) com can likely deliver tempo sync info to hosted AUs. sorta makes me wonder why the AU hosting function in MG2 even exists though…

Most people dont use midi clock/sync. They just load a synth and play with it. As long as you only use our standalone on iOS with an AU loaded, there is no syncing needed.
Sofar there haven’t been (much) requests for midi sync on iOS, because those that like elaborate setups mostly use AUM or the like.
But we’re open to suggestions: how people use MG is not governed by us, but by our users, so it is valuable to have feedback here.

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Paul, I tested this out on the desktop version of MG2 and it’s essentially the same situation. No MIDI clock/tempo info from a host makes it through to the hosted VST2+3/Audio units in the MG2 plugin.

It’s kind of the same scenario as in the iOS version. In a host it’s OK, I guess, because you can just load a VST on another track and route the MIDI to it from MG2 – which is what I’ve always done anyway. In this way your time based effects follow the master tempo of the session.

IMO, it does seem like it would be a useful function to enable in the software.

if we’d add a midi clock functionality, it would most likely not be to pass timing through from the host, because loading big synths in MG plugin is basically deprecated.
The midiclock would be generated in our standalone to sync loaded effects/synths or synths connected via virtual midi.

That would be a good idea. I never use MG2 standalone on any platform because of no sync capability. I have often thought I’d like to use it though…