FS3X Digitech pedal for Trio pedal - Can it be used as a standard midi pedal controller?

FS3X Digitech pedal for Trio pedal - Can it be used as a standard midi pedal controller?
I have one and since there are only 3 possible connections I assume it could be used as a transmitter for midi control.
I purchased it with my Trio Band Creator pedal but don’t use it for that since the Trio is very bad for anything else but simple fast demo ideas or practice.
So does anyone know of a schematic for the pedal or a way to use it for controlling MG?

Yes you can !
But… you can use only 2 buttons, this is not bad.

The mode button activate together button up and down so you can’t use it.

Up & Down can be use i.e. for browsing through the patches, or for any midi learned parameters.

For connection with MG2, you will have to use an analog-to-midi converter.

I use an Audiofront Midi Expression.

They have several devices, “from the least even to the greatest” :grinning:

Thanks but I’m not sure which interface will work with the Digitech switch pedal.
I would assume the Digitech pedal is just a set of bounceless analog switches but I don’t have a schematic for it.
It may be cheaper to just get an actual used midi controller pedal.
I just happen to have the Digitech.
Maybe I can make a convertor.
I’ll have to look into it.

Do you think just an adapter cable would work?
I have a standard midi 5 pin input on my audio interface
I attached a png of the connections from standard midi to TRS phone plug.

So do you think just a simple adapter cable for trs to midi would work?

I checked the schematic for the didgitech 3 button pedal and it’s just 3 normally open pushbuttons with diodes to isolate them as in an or gate and yes the middle button does the same thing as pushing the up and down buttons at the same time.
The switches are not debounced and there is no active circuitry.
I’m still not sure if using a analog pusbutton will do any control for midi.
I assume there would have to be some active circuitry to convert it to the proper midi signal although I’m not sure.
Let me know what you think.
As far as I know midi is sequential serial data.

I have nothing to say about it: I do not know anything about electronics, wiring, etc.
I am only using devices, I would be scared to damage something.

I suppose if it were that easy, we could find many in shops or a lot of schematics on the web…