Garage Band issues

I have MG2 configured to send midi out. When I select an instrument in GB I can trigger it using MG2, once I double click on the virtual instrument. However, as soon as I return to multitrack mode and try and play along with the other tracks I see no activity and hear nothing from MG2 - what am I doing incorrectly?

that is just the way GB works. you can start the playback from within the instrument.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Are you saying that that GB does not allow other virtual instruments to be recorded and monitored whilst being triggered by an external midi device such as MG2 or a physical midi controller? Is this going to be the same regardless of which DAW I use, because if so, the MG2 is no more than a toy for triggering internal or external synths - I can’t believe that you seem to be telling me that the midi input from MG2 cannot be recorded to virtual tracks inside a DAW!

no, that is not what I’m telling…
You can record tracks while you are inside the instrument.

Thank you. But the fact remains that for whatever reason, as things stand I am unable to record using the midi out from MG2, so since this is probably due to my lack of familiarity with both MG2 and Garage Band I could really do with some help in figuring this out please!
Thank you.

basically, MG acts as a normal external keyboard. So if you lookup a tutorial for getting started with Garageband with midi keyboard, it will be exactly the same as with our app.
Nonetheless: I’ll look up the key things to know somewhere the coming days.