Garage Band on Macbook pro

Cannot get it to work

what did you buy? our app from the appstore?
what doesnt work exactly?

I bought the app & then I paid 43.29 that I thought was an upgrade. I open midi guitar & then garage band
& new track . On the midi guitar or Garage Band I have no input.

the app is free to download from the appstore. Inside the app is a store in which you can buy the app.

  • The app needs microphone permission, otherwise it will not get audio input from your audio interface.
    You need to give microphone access to our app. For apple, any audiointerface also is a microphone.
    When first started, macos asks whether our app should get microphone access.
    Afterward you can set the access with apple’s system preferences/security & privacy/ tab: privacy
    Choose “Microphone” from left column, make sure our app is checked in right column.

  • For enabling the virtual midi output to Garageband you can look at the 3rd vid on this page:

Ok, thanks for the quick response.

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