Getting actual support from this company

I am kinda disappointed: I bought MG for windows and then before I bought the iPad version I sent a question by email to support… no reply.

Now I bought two versions and still can’t find how to get an acknowledgment from a real product support team.

I posted this thread here “ [Saved presets while loaded in Garage Band and missing plugins]” and get get a clear answer by actual support.

Can someone tell me how to get real support?

I think their products are generally good, but if they can’t support them then Apple needs to know this and potential customers need to know.

When we pay money for such software we should be able to get fairly prompt, straight forward answers from real support staff,

Where are the support staff?

Hi @Pri
You have probably used the for your queries, which is the correct contact for support. But as this is not the biggest operation, and as JamOrigin is in the middle of all the work with the MIDI Guitar 3/MODs developing some questions perhaps takes a day or two to get answered. Support questions are generally handled once a week during this time, as far as I understand. And in the meantime this forum is actually the best way/place for any information related to the product.

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