Getting started - not detecting my instrument

Hi guys!

I purchased the full Midi guitar 2 package this morning on iOS and it just doesn’t seem to pick up any signal from my instrument. I’ve tried my electric and acoustic guitar plugged into my Steinberg UR22 which runs through the apple camera connection kit. I’ve also run my guitar through AUM and Nembrini and that picks it up fine. Should I have the dial on my audio interface all the way to DAW or the other way? Bit of a technological noob but been a musician for 20 years but not totally incompetent. Any help would be very much appreciated, would love to get this working through my other synth apps, or just working at all.


It should work fine with any interface that works on iOS. Are you sure you get enough signal through to pass the noise gate?
I believe @Paul has the exact same setup, so he can probably weight in here.