Getting started

so i have downloaded the software and got it running in cubase 13 (dll)
Q; how do i get the audio in (guitar ) to convert to a midi o/p ??

Hello @reg welcome here. :slightly_smiling_face:
Perhaps this link will help you.

sorry i have downloaded midi guitar2

EDIT : i have now sorted it thanks

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i now have problems with false triggering
my guitar sound is dry and clean
i have a noise free i/p to cubase13
i have raised the noise gate theshhold to max
BUT . . . if i play a single note i will get several repeats recorded randomly + if
i check the midi monitor it reports events being performed willy nilly ??
any help would be appreciated

could there be some kind of feedback loop?

do you hear the multiple notes as well as see them on the midi monitor?

there should be almost no cases where you’d need the noise gate at or near max.

sometimes i hear multiple note
the noise gate is at max
if i put midi into step mode it adds data randomly without any guitar input ?
all midi filters are on except ‘note’

some detail on your configuration will help: os, audio interface, screenshots of the routing in cubase.

os win11
interface audiophile2496 . . 6ms
routing in cubase . . plugin on audio channel routed to i/p of midi channel
midi filter in cubase allowing only note on
plug in gate to recommended max
guitar i/p clean / dry no fx

string guage10 but low action? . . . might dry another guitar and raise the action

low action is probably a minor concern. have you checked the intonation? that can be an issue with mistriggers.

the audiophile2496 has no drivers beyond 3-2012 (version 6.0.8) and that driver is for window 7.

that may be your problem.

6ms is great, but maybe try a higher latency / increased sample setting to see if there is any difference.

also it is worth trying asio4all.

hopefully the final solution will be simpler, but these will help narrow down the cause of the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions will try them out