Getting the most out of MG2

Has anyone put together some guidance on getting the most out of MG2 please?

I realise I need to systematically go through some of the settings to tweak them to best advantage for my setup, but all these different settings seem to work together to make it seem rather complex for someone new like me. If anyone has developed an approach to this it could be very beneficial to share.

I am reasonably tech savvy, using a Hofner Shorty into a Steinberg UR44 and using Cubase 10.5 and Windows 10 on an i7 with 32Gb memory.

I see anomalies with high notes not being recognised when played at the same time as low and some distortion. I recognise that the pots on the Shorty and UR44 need to be moderated as well as settings for gain and velocity within MG2, and that that is only the beginning. I fell like they’re conspiring together against me :slight_smile:

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to approach this please.


thecoombes, Welcome to the forum and to the world of Midi Guitar 2.

You may find +++ THIS +++ earlier post useful.

While the discussion centers on pickups, understanding how Midi Guitar 2 interprets a pickup’s output is helpful to understanding how the settings are interrelated.

Thank you very much fogle622 - and this is just one facet of the issue!

I’m not quite ready to change my pickup - but I’ll certainly keep the tone control at the high end! On the Shorty the humbucker is close to the bridge so I’m in with a chance (I hope).

Would certainly appreciate guidance on the MG2 controls and where to start troubleshooting to get the most out of my setup. The app help is good but unfortunately I don’t seem able to make changes while the help is in view, and I haven’t found the help written down anywhere, so it is a real pedestrian effort to get the best out of it. Also more detail about how to work through the individual controls to find the best settings for me would be really helpful too. Does this make sense please?

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@fogle622 gave you a first link on the MG2 approach and recommendations.

This forum is a a gold mine of information, take time to search for yourself and you will find many responses and more.

It was here, like many other users, that I started to learn MG2, thanks to the members. :grinning:

The best approach in that learning, for my part, was to use keywords and key phrases to find and develop the good practices, because there is no universal formula: each of us uses different equipments, instruments and playing techniques.

Searching on the web will also put you on a path to finding some answers, locating helpful resources.

For example, typing midi guitar jam origin gave so many results that I used this as an opportunity to learn some new tricks !


What you’re asking makes sense. I’m not aware of a comprehensive guide like you are asking for. There are just too many variables. The controls are interrelated with an adjustment to one affecting the response of others.

On the one hand it is a tweaking delight but on the other it can become frustrating dialing it in.

The biggest variable with the most gain is you’re playing technique. The more precise and consistent you play the more accurate the program midi data.will be. You will be constantly tweaking the controls if you’re playing technique is not precise and consistent.

Even something as simple as how hard you strum the strings will affect the accuracy of the midi data output. Play the same material while you strum hard and strum soft. Examin the program’s midi output and it will likely be different.

Listen to a guitar instrumental recording of a live performance. You can hear each note, the notes sound clean, the playing is precise, the volume is level throughout the performance.

Record the audio of that performance and run the audio through MG2. Learn the controls while replaying the audio performance. Then you can apply what you’ve learned to setting up for your playing.

Thank you each for your responses - I do appreciate the help.

I am not looking for a comprehensive guide - though it would be very nice to have. I’m looking for guidance on approaching the task of getting the most out of MG2.

I realise that all setups are different - but I’m a bit at sea with this task, my first few attempts have had inconsistent results.