Ghost notes on midi 2

Hi I am trying out the free version of midi guitar 2 for GarageBand, but I’m having a problem!
I am trying to use my regular 6 string guitar to play virtual bass, I can get this part to work however I don’t know if the problem is called latency or delay or whatever!
But if I use any of the virtual instruments everything is very slow, so I can’t play fast notes without getting tons of ghost notes. Dose this make any sense to anyone ?
I am new to midi 2 and GarageBand, so I really don’t know my way around them or understand most of the terminology.
I’ve tried Google and YouTube and can’t find what I’m looking for. The demo’s on midi are great but I’m not going to spend $150 if I can’t even get the free version to work…
all help gratefully received

Hi @Spindlefly
First of all, welcome to the community! :handshake:
I believe we all struggle/struggled to various degrees with this software in the beginning. At least I know I did. It takes some getting used to, and perhaps we as guitar players need to revise and recalibrate our own playing somewhat. I agree, nobody should buy anything they are not convinced will work in the end. So I did this little introduction with a few pointers on pitfalls and perspectives a while ago. See if there is something in there that might be of any help? It is for the “bigger” software MIDI Guitar 2.2.1, and does not touch on the GarageBand stuff, but perhaps there might be something of interest in here anyway?