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Got my Presonus Studio 24C back from Presonus repair and works again

Got my Presonus Studio 24C back from Presonus repair and works again.
I still get the odd static sounding click one in a while but it doesn’t blow out the MG2-Interface connection.
It also doesn’t clip levels like crazy. I had to run the input control on full just to get enough level from the interface before it was repaired. The repair ticket said they replaced/repaired a circuit board. I hope to find out more specifics about the repair.

I’m going to try running a ground wire between the laptop and the audio amp to see if it could be any static build up on the cables although I don’t think that will help.

I think I know what is making the weird clicks. I lost connection again a few times.
So I unplugged the laptop power supply to run just on batteries. It did a lot of clicking, much more than on the power supply.
Trued the power supply and just the odd click.
So I am assuming that the Presonus Studio 24C needs more current than the laptop power supply can deliver, not the usb ports. The usb ports can only deliver as much as there is left after running the laptop.
Only problem is Presonus won’t tell me or anyone else how much current the Presonus 24C uses so I’ll have to get a usb current meter or make one to add up what is needed and likely have to buy a heavier current power supply if I can find one that is the correct voltage and has more current capability or use a powered usb hub to run the Presonus. There’s some y-adapters for connecting a usb to a usb power adapter. Maybe that will be easist.

I think I’ll just make a new cable with an adapter or put a small box inline with a dc power jack for the adapter.
USB-24C.pdf (12.1 KB)

I may have stumbled on my own ignorance.
I made the road case so it would sit on a keyboard stand and just pop the top off for easy use.
I made pockets for the power supply and cords etc.
I didn’t bother to take the laptop SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY WITH A FERRITE BEAD ON THE CABLE out of the box bottom.
So I did and now there’s seems to be no clicking or level problems.
Maybe I’m imagining all of this and it’s something else next door that stopped but I looked at the “tray” of goodies and saw the ferrite bead and DC power cable all nicely wound up and tied right behind the USBC cable from the Studio 24C.
Then I moved as I said and so far everything is so nice now.
I just have to take the laptop power supply out of the tray so I doesn’t interfere with the usbc cable.
I gave up on the splice idea when I saw what the new USBC pinouts are. Who knows how to check/ measure to see if one has the correct wire in the Presonus cable?
They likely won’t tell me anyway.

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Finally Presonus told me. Here’s a quote:

Technical Support Lead Yesterday at 12:33
The maximum current draw for the Studio 24c is exactly 500mA.

So that means I should likely power the Studio 24C directly with an additional clumsy powered hub and adapter or just get a larger current capacity Power supply for the HP Notebook.

500ma is a fairly large current draw coming from a laptop with a power supply designed for the older USB ports. Presonus supplies the USB to USBC cable and 500ma is the max my older usb ports can deliver but I’m not sure about the power supply for the laptop. Also, I think 5 amps is the max a USBC connector can handle so the cable could definitely draw more than 500ma if anything is going wrong at the Presonus end. I don’t think it is.

I should likely try a powered usb hub before buying a new higher current laptop supply to help pinpoint the problem first.

So far everything is working much better by simply putting the power supply for the laptop much further away from the USBC cable going to the Presonus.

At least now everyone can know that the max current drain from a Presonus Studio 24C is 500ma.