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Great free Reverb with lots of features by OrilRiver

OrilRiver has 32bit and 64bit dll and vst3 files free
download link:

demo link:

I added it to MG2 and it works 100%. Huge range of effects and very easy to use.

Unfortunately still beta and already discontinued.

Try Valhalla and Dragonfly, very good.
Also look out for the great Exponential Audio reverbs Excalibur, Nimbus, R4 and Phoenix, now sold by iZotope, they are on sale very often, I bought them for $ 29,-

Fortunately, OrilRiver works perfectly and it is free.

To stay on the subject of free reverbs, I use Tal Reverb very often for its simplicity and its sound characteristics which I find very pleasant.
However, I use the v.3 version which sounds better for my taste.