Great frequency controlled compressor that works great with Midi Guitar

I found sometimes that the compressor in Midi Guitar Deep Expression makes a burping noise. It’s not the noise gate. It works fine. It also doesn’t seem to matter how much compression. It just seems to randomly make a burp or low freq pop noise(s).
So I looked for a free vst compressor that works as well as any dedicated guitar compressor.
I tried Nova and was very impressed. It takes a while to experiment with your favorite compression ranges and levels but it can actually sound as good or better than any guitar compressor I’ve ever used or tried.

Here’s a link:

Now I use the Deep Expression for noise gating and the Nova for compression. I put the Deep Expression first and then the Nova. I assume the order would matter.

If anyone knows how to stop the noise in the Deep Expression please let me know but for now there is no problem using the Nova and the Deep Expression except it ties up one extra effect slot.

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The Deep Expressor’s dynamics knob is not a compressor in the classical sense: it scans the amplitude of the note start, and adjusts the amplitude there for that note.
If you’re in for the max combination between Expressor and a normal compressor afterward, I’d advice to let the dynamic at 12’o clock and only alter the Sustain knob. This gives me maximum added benefit for a classic playfeel.

-Sustain to the right will boost the note to its starting amplitude: so it will works as sustainer, but not as compressor… To the left the note will get shorter, also without altering the dynamics.
-The Dynamics knob to the left will create more dynamics (expanded), and that is a very interesting effect. To the right it will lessen the dynamics, but is not a normal compressor, it will not make the sound more even: use a normal compressor for that!

-The Attack knob balances between the sound that is described by midi (sustain) and the sound that is not described by midi (pluck)

-Pluck is the normal range sound that is not covered in the midi note: so it contains the pluck and some very high harmonics of the midi notes.
it is compressed with the Dynamics knob settings. also distorted with the Edge level
-Subs knob is all low sound from the pluck channel: it is compressed with the Dynamics knob settings. also distorted with the Edge level

-Noise gate gates the Pluck and Sub sound. All midi note sound is however governed by the noise gate in the main interface instead.
So if you set this Noise gate higher it will gate noise and your plucking, but not the actual notes thare are recognised in midi!

If you hear unwanted lowfreq noises, check the Subs setting, don’t turn the Dynamics full to the right, and try adjust the noise gate.

(I realise that Expressor is a tiny bit complicated to explain: I’d have to do a more full explain vid about it someday)