Guitar Midi 2 and Garage Band Instruments

Is there a way to control garage band instruments with Guitar Midi 2? I can play the default GM2 instruments in GarageBand (I have the plugin), but the plugin doesn’t do anything when I add it to anything other than a voice track in GarageBand.

Please watch the info here how to use MG 2.2.1 plugin in garageband.
You need to load it as an fx on a guitartrack

Thanks Paul. I’m using Garageband 10.3.2, so the video is outdated, but I was able to get everything set up the same nonetheless. If I add MG plugin as an fx on a guitar track, and leave the MG preset as “Default” i get indication of sound input on the gain bars in MG, but no indication of sound input in Garageband. If I change the MG preset to something else, like DoubleLead, I get that Double Lead sound in Garage Band, so that works. Is there a way to play a Garageband instrument, like a trumpet or strings, with MG? That was really my original question.