Guitar MODs

Will Guitar MODs be a part of MG 3 and so automatically delivered with MG3 or will it be a stand-alone app - than there would be no use to buy a license right now,?

The MODS are separate from MG3, in that they are separate purchases. They will however integrate; the MODS will open inside your MG3 app if you have both, or work as standalone for those that opt for the MODS-only purchase. When you buy your license will make no difference at all in this case. If you buy your MG2 license today, it will be upgraded to MG3 once that is released.

Ok.This means: I have to pay an extra-price for Mods, if I own a license or not?!

Yes, Guitar MODs and MG3 are different products. You either have to pay for MODs, or use your own synths in MG3.

Thanks. Any rough idea on timing of all these upgrades and new products ?

A feasible timing for mg3 and mods just to let us know if we should wait for days, weeks, months or years ?
Every developer has a roadmap and a timeline (and yes it could be changed) but I do not really understand why you do not give a rough timeline for your product.
Thx a lot

Estimating is difficult.

We are in a field where there are no known path and we have to discover it. Experiment by experiment. So, as for polyphonic tracking improvements it makes no sense for me to make estimates. However, we have had a good long runway (6 years since MG2). We are thankful to customer who choose to support us and brought the leverage and runway for this! In return we will try to not charge MG2 Mac/PC customers again for tracking improvements. (when it finally launch), unlike most of the pro-audio industry.

As for MG3, the target is that it should track notably “better” than MG2 (where “better” means different things to different guitarists) to almost everyone.

For a few years it looked like MG2 tracking was the end of the road. The systems we built were not able to improve tracking any further without compromising elsewhere. Surely one aspect (polyphony, latency, range, pitch, velocity, responsiveness, mistriggers, intervals, retriggers, etc) could all be improved, but at costs of the others. It’s very complicated and of course we are up against a wall of physics and heisenberg-ish uncertainty at the rock bottom of it all.

At some point we found a path that we believe is a leap forward. I don’t want to disclose much detail on this yet and certainly don’t want to over-promise anything. But what I want to communicate is that an MG3 update is coming and that I find myself now working 50 hours/week for 6 years on it, after MG2. As soon as most people will find it “better” than MG2 or hardware solutions, and runs at less than 100% CPU, it’s coming out. At the moment the only real issue left is a pitch/bend stability issue and some performance (CPU) optimizations. The latter is “easy” in the sense that we can estimate what needs to be done. But the former isn’t and thus I can’t give you an estimate.

As for Guitar MODs, this is likewise a daunting project, and to my knowledge, the first of its kind. For various reasons we need to develop MG3 and MODs in parallel which gives good synergy effects but also delay one release until the other is ready. That said we will try to release unfinished BETAs as soon as we are confident that the amount of pressure on support, communication and documentation it causes, doesn’t delay developments any further.

Otherwise see roadmap for as much detail as we have.