Guitar only sound missing in the mix

Newbie: I am on a Mac, iOS 15. I am still using the test version. I got the test Piano fine, but when I turn the mix all the way to the left I can’t hear my guitar. What am I doing wrong?

Is this in standalone or plugin mode?

You probably need to add a plugin in one of the guitar chain blocks. More information would be useful.

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As said before, no amp no sound :wink:


ah, I did not know you had to choose a virtual amp to get audio sound thru to my real world amplifier.
Thank you!

both. Standalone, and as a plug-in in digital performer.

I understand that you must use some sort of virtual amp to get an audio sound. Is there any way to pass the sound through without affecting it?

Thank you!
PS i use OS 15. Apologies for the typo. iOS.

Peter, Glad you’ve got things working.
You must be living in the future! The latest macOS is 14.4…

“DIRECT” as its name suggests does not affect the guitar sound.

meant 10.15