Guitar processing signal flow

Hello im a bit confussed about the guitar signal flow in MG2 (guitar and master section) could you explain how it works?
Also want to ask if it will be possible to allow to load auv3 plugins in every slot (even the reverb and cabinet ones)? now with the great explosion of auv3 plugins this will allow a much greater flexibility.

Hi Lovejazz, could you be more explicit and explain better your question?. As far as I know auv3 plugins only work on Apple and iOS systems. MG2 only allows VST type plugins.

Im talking about the MG2 IOS version, sorry to not be more specific but thats why I posted in the IOS sub forum.
MG2 only allow to load auv3 plugins in some slots, while other slots are reserved for cabinets (2) and the included reverb (1).
The reverb is convolution based and while its good I get an abrupt end of the tail no matter what type or setting I do. I would love to have the option to choose my own auv3 one.
About the signal flow im interested to know how the guitar signal transits mg2.

Sorry I can’t help I’m not into iOS, Regarding signal flow within MG2, Ole and/or Paul may be the ones to answer this. But i suppose that the signal is split into two paths, One going to the audio to midi conversion and to the synth/effects section and the other straight to amp/cabinet sims and effects. Finaly both signals mixed in a master section.

The signal flow on MG2 for iOS (standalone version) is that there are 2 paths, one with the MIDI synth (instrument) and one with the guitar signal, which are then mixed into the master channel. You can use AU fx plug-ins in any of the FX slots (one in the instrument channel, three in guitar and one in master). In addition you can use an AU synth in the instrument slot. So quite a lot of flexibility.

Yes I know that, I know it’s pretty obvious, what I want to know how is the path of the guitar signal, top to bottom or reverse? serial, paralell?
So my question remains.
Thank you.

top to bottom ofcourse, like in Logic, Live, Cubase etc etc…

Yes top to bottom! As you say, pretty obvious!

That is what I assumed, but when inserting drives, compressors and amplifiers the sound result made me doubt, perhaps the problem was in the plugins. Thanks for the clarification.
And on the other question about freely using the cabinet and reverb slots, are there any plans for this?
Or perhaps the plan is to convert MG2 into an AUv3 plugin and relegate the use of effects to a dedicated host like AUM, Camelot, etc., probably the best option in the long run IMHO.

Our current iOS beta has patchchanges on midi remote (AU’S load properly now, and it’S reasonably fast), so it is a practical live host on its own. AUv3 imposes memory limits, and our current app doesnt fit in it.

Sad to hear that it can not be AUv3 atm, lets hope the host functionality would improve, the request made about the cabinet and slots could be a nice improvement.
Thanks for your time.

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