Guitar Rig 6

I purchased MD2 a while ago and did the normal stuff (playing free plugins). But then, I purchased the Guitar Rig 6 and realizing that I can use it via MD2. Has blown me away!!! I use it as a stand alone tool without the DAW, and I’m loving life, spending hours with MD2! So the question is: has anyone use Kontakt 7? Are there any plugs ins similar or the same type of quality? I don’t expect them to be free, but less than $200 hopefully.
Thanks for your responses all.


I bought NI’s Komplete 9 Ultimate many years ago. Still haven’t upgraded it (v14 is the most recent), but I upgraded Kontakt v5 to v6 and then v7, and Guitar Rig v5 to v6. I am perfectly happy with the other instruments in K9U and have no plans to upgrade them. But Guitar Pro and Kontakt are both great. I consider Kontakt to be a “must have”. Still not a fan of the v7 interface, but I’ll get used to it. Same with Guitar Pro 6.

For fun, here’s a YT video that details how to get the Hank Marvin sound in Apache. It uses Guitar Pro 5, but works great in Guitar Pro 6. I can’t upload the preset I created because it’s an unsupported file type.

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Oh, awesome! thanks so much!!!

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