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Guitar signal muting

Hi, I only just started using jam origin, generally great fun, but I can’t seem able to mute my guitar. I want to just hear the VIs I’m triggering with it, not the actual guitar sound. How do I set this up?

So hi (again) Tom!

It wasn’t a direct monitoring issue I guess? And you have nothing loaded in the blue box area? See pic!

In that case it is usually best if you describe your setup a little. MAC/PC? What audio interface do you use? Are you working with MIDI Guitar in standalone mode or as a plugin in a DAW? In that case, what DAW?

Probably already done but did you check the mix knob setting ?

Perhaps the OP has found the solution, but since I had the same exact question and I managed to find the solution, I figured I should pass it along. On my audio interface – and I’m assuming others have this same setting as well – I have a mix knob, which I had set to 12 o’clock. I cranked it all the way over and that silenced the guitar signal, leaving only the MIDI signal remaining. So it wasn’t a setting within MG2 that needed to be adjusted, it was a setting on the AI.

I actually hadn’t sorted it, so thanks will try that!

Hi, I´ve the same problem. I use an Line6 HX Stomp as Interface and Bass to midi in a track of Ableton Live11. In Bass to Midi I use a Plugin Synth, called Superwave Equinoxe i.E. for Wind. If I turn the Mix Knob to the left, I only hear my bass, if I turn it to the right I hear my bass and the Wind plugin. How can I stop hearing my bass?
Best regards