Had some trouble with clicks and pops crashing but it seems it may be external

I tried using a different stereo audio amp and there was no problem until later just once.
I am thinking it’s an external interference problem. Strange part is both amps have the exact same preamp so it could be that one connecting cord is much longer and picking up more junk.
It seems weird that it could come in from the output of the interface but I guess any hi freq emf/rfi or just the right frequency like a next door ham operator with an illegal antenna etc.
I’m just guessing that the static interference was jumping back into the interface and making the Presonus DACs screw up. Luckily they haven’t blown yet. They likely put adequate protection on the Presonus 24C DAC inputs.
So until I hear back from Presonus it seems to be some external interference that is getting back into the system possibly thru some audio cables.
OOPs! I Just heard another pop but it didn’t saturate the MG2 outputs this time.
I certainly don’t think MG2 is the problem so when I finally narrow it down I’ll reply to this post.

Likely the Presonus is the problem with the crashing/pinning MG2 output bar meter on max.
I unplugged the input cable to the presonus 24c and left it alone and it not much later it made a snap sound and then I noticed MG2 output meter was pinned and MG2 lost the Presonus connection.
I can always re-select the interface in MG2 and reload MG2 but this problem will have to be resolved.
I do not think it’s MG2 causing any problem.
I will not pursue this any further until I talk to the Presonus people.
--------------Good news---------------
At least I got the FCB1010 all set up and all working fine with different presets.
I decided to use bank 00 for 10 presets and include a suitable guitar sound on each so actually using the mix control on the MG2 with the left FCB1010 pedal I have either guitar, combo or other instrument totaling 20 different sounds with just one bank on the FCB1010.
The second FCB1010 far right pedal works amazing for the mod wheel but I only have options for that in the ARZ3 synth as far as I can find. I don’t know if it’s possible to control the native MG2 synths with the second pedal.
The FCB1010 is much better than a slough(slew) of dinky 9v pedals stuck in a big case.