Halion 7 not working

I’ve tried my various VSTs with latest beta update (3.0.47). Halion 7 (the full version) doesn’t get any MIDI input no matter what I try (works with MG2). Halion 7 Sonic (the “light” version) works fine.

Thank you for all your feedback.

Just make sure I get this right:

  1. running MG3.0.47 standalone?
  2. Halion loads and you can open the Halion UI and thing looks all right in there?
  3. It doesn’t get any MIDI from MG, regardless of MG3’s MPE/MultiChannel/MIDI1.0 setting?

Yes in the standalone mode but it’s also applicable for the VST plugin.
Correct, it loads normal and it doesn’t receive any MIDI input regardless of the selection I choose. I only hear the dry guitar input signal.

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Thank you. I’ll have to look at this when I get time.

It seems like a very different kind of compatibility issue than we have otherwise seen up to now, and its extra odd that the light version works.

It’s not urgent for me > I don’t really use it in combination with MG2/3. I just thought to let you know about. Thanks you!


Thank you for reporting it - ill add it to the plugin compatilbity issue list :slight_smile:

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