Hand Holding Needed! Behringer FC1010 w/ MidiGuitar2

I am completely 100% brand new to midi. I just now purchased the full version of MidiGuitar2 after toying with the trial version the last few months. I plan to use this in my live rig, and purchased a Behringer FC1010 along with a Roland UM-One (usb-midi cable) so I will be able to control it with my foot on stage. I now have all of these items in my house, and have been attempting to set it up, watch tutorials, read the FC1010 manual, but this is all far over my head as someone who is brand new to these terms and midi. I also cannot find videos of anyone setting up a foot controller to MidiGuitar2 which is making it more difficult as I try to learn a bunch of things at once. If anyone can give me a step-by-step on how to properly link MG2 with the Behringer FC1010, I would be so grateful! I also would like to connect GarageBand with the board, but want to take this step-by-step first with just getting MG2 connected.

Essentially, I am striving for this:

I have now somewhat figured out how to make the Behringer react with MG2 and understand switching patches a little bit better. However, if I wanted to add more patches into MG2 so it’s not the same 28 patches I have to choose from how would I go about doing that?

For example, I’d like to take a synthesizer patch from GB and plug it into the MG2 software so that way I can control it with my Behringer. Or is there another way to go about doing this?