Hardware project ?

For a long time I have been your admirer, your application is fantastic better than many other systems, even native midi, such as midi guitars or other. The software response is precise and rough. Do you plan to also develop a hardware version? I would buy it immediately, for live performances it would be very useful!

We are no hardware builders, it would be a tremendous effort, and pedal would not be as flexible as our software versions. If it were as flexible, it would be a small computer running our software… which is allready possible, using an iphone, ipad or laptop plus interface.
The only advantage would be to have the computer inside the pedal. But that means that the computer is harder to update and more expensive.
There are several interfaces that function as floorpedal and lots of guitar fx pedals that can be used as an interface for ios and laptops.
the Orange Omec Eleport is an elegant example.

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