Harmonizing like a vg88

I’m still using a 90s Roland midi pickup with a vg88 and GR55 to use it as midi controller in logic

The vg88 has an awesome patch where the top 2 strings are tuned normally and the bottom 4 a third higher.

Will this be added ?
It will open a lot or extra options

Also when III will be released will there be a special offer or will It be the same price as now II ?

Compliments for the software. It works great even in beta.

Hi Frank

This software (MG2/MG3) does not recognize what string you are using for your pitches, so there are no per-string assignments of any kind available at this point. You can however decide to treat a group of pitches to some special treatment.


Almost. Here is a patch. You can simply drag it from the downloads folder and into MG3.

harmonizing.patch (502 Bytes)

As @LoFiLeiF mentioned it doesn’t distinguish among strings, but for this case it the PITCH FILTER may do the trick.You could go further and add a 3 way split and add another TRANSPOSER or the BASS FILTER or different synths for the splits. The idea with MG3 is to make such compositions of effects easy.


Wow 2 great answers within hours.

The pitch idea would work it I think.
Or at least give some similar effect to experiment with.


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