Has anyone managed to record midi from Midi Guitar 2 VST in Digital Performer 11.21?

Hi guys and gals, I am a newbie here, just bought Midi Guitar 2 a few days ago.
My main DAW is Digital Performer on a Windows 10 system but I also run DP on a Macbook (for live)
I have followed the guidance on the Jam Origin support page but that is for version 8 & 9 and DP does things a bit differently now.
Whatever I try, I can’t seem get midi out of the VST in the audio track.
I was wondering if anyone has had any success with DP11

In the meantime, I am looking for an audio interface that presents each input as a separate device. I’m sure I saw one recently, maybe it was a usb out from a mixer, I remember thinking ‘why would anyone want that?’ - Now I do! :slight_smile:

OK that response speaks volumes, not to worry, I have gathered up all of the tumbleweed and I can burn it to keep warm :slight_smile:
To be fair, in the great scheme of things, Digital Performer is quite niche

So moving on, I am going to use Cantabile to host the 6 instances of Midi Guitar, and use a virtual port to record the midi into DP. I have done some test recordings using polyphonic and it all seems to work fine. I am well impressed with cantabile and may switch my live rig from Macbook to PC so I can use it instead of Mainstage.