Has anyone tried Monster Sax vst in MG2 stand alone?

Has anyone tried Monster Sax vst in MG2 stand alone?
I got it to load into mg2 but when I try to use it it asks for a library. I downloaded the library and it can’t use the library for some odd reason.
Anyone get it to work?

It works well for me. I simply selected the folder containing the library.

Hi Herold:

The library file I have is called:
MONSTER Sax v1 Devian Zikri.mse

I put it in my vst folder. Maybe that’s a problem.
Do you have the same library file?
Also, did you download the VST2 or VST3 version?

I got it to work. I was clicking on the actual library file, not the folder it was in.
Now it works.
I’m having trouble using the key switches.
I can’t use all the switches with the normal guitar tuning.
Would there be a way to assign the key switches to different notes?

Maybe it is possible to change the keyswitches mapping, but I have not searched yet.
I do not use this plugin in MG, I use it in a plugin host but I have the same problem.
I use to transpose the plugin to have access to the keyswitches.
In MG it is possible with the Transpose Midi Machine, and it is faster and easier.

Thanks Herold:

Thanks. I’ll try the “transpose Midi Machine” in MG2.
I think I used it before for something else and it works fine.