Have x64 version of Windows, but JamOrigin sent me x32 VST [SOLVED]

Just purchased JamOrigin’s Midi Guitar 2. Software works smooth and is all good. However, was trying to use it with Ableton Live 9, and it cannot see the VST in my plug-in folder. It is a x32 VST which is the one that was provided to me by the automated email sent to me from JamOrigin. How can I get a download for the x64 version of the VST so that I can use it with Ableton?

Both 32 and 64 bit VST are in the same installer.
The 64 bit plugin should have been installed in c:/program files/Steinberg/VstPlugins/
Sometimes Ableton needs to be pushed to accept our plugin:
hold the ALT key while doing rescan in plugin references in Ableton.
Quickstart and helpinfo is on https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-1

Excellent, my issue is solved! Thanks, didn’t seem clear to me that the 64 version was included since the download link said 32. But thank you for the swift response!

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