Having note recognition troubles w/ directly plugged Acoustic Electric

I’m trying the demo VST on Mac and also on Windows with an acoustic/electric plugged directly into my audio interface and going to an audio track with no effects before going to MIDI Guitar.

I’m having trouble getting MIDI Guitar to accurately convert both finger picking and strumming tracks. It either leaves notes out or it adds notes that aren’t really being played.

Is there any fine tuning that I need to do to get accurate conversion into MIDI or does the machine’s CPU need to be a certain model for the best conversion? If there is any other information needed that may help troubleshoot, indeed please let me know. I would love to be able to get this working and upgrade to the full version.

Thank you in advance.

strumming full chords and fingerpicking “let ring” full chords are exactly the things our app has the most problems with. Best results are obtainable when you keep max 4 strings ringing.
For best results use an electric guitar. Some acoustic/electric gutiar have a very dry sound, which will work fine, but some will have too much resonance which is not good for tracking.

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