Having trouble using my guitar with jam origin, help

i plu my guitar into my interface, i am able to hear my guitar…
but it creates no piano…or violin noise…
im using midi guitar 2 software

It depends on what DAW you are using and ios vs os.

im using an windows 10 os system. i only have the trial version.

i can not get it to work for some old reason.
i just want to use the stand alone version without a daw… so i can try it out

I have been a both an OS and IOS user for a year or two now. This program has came along way. It can be frustrating to get to work in harmony with your other stuff, like a lot of other apps these days. My advice is keep tinkering. I have made some cool music that I would have never made without this program. The frustration is worth it. It may be worth to checkout the instructional videos that are on this site, as it does seem to be slightly different for each DAW. This program, seems to have a lot of trial and error in it.

thats cool, i really want to get get it to work on my computer so bad
are you able to get it to cooperate with your computer without the daw and just the standalone trial version?
i have my guitar hooked up to the interface and the program is running but my guitar doesnt sync with the program
what are your interface settings on the standalone version of the program?

you need to open the ASIO settings with the “driver” knob and select the in and output channels on the proper interface.

it says that i have no output

keep plugging away. Seriously it is easy to give up sometimes, when this stuff doesn’t work.