Headrush mx5 as an audio interface

I was trying out the demo, using my Headrush MX5 as a midi audio interface. I get Midi Guitar 2 to recognize the mx5 driver, but no matter what settings I use for the interface, I get unusable latency and phantom repeating notes without plucking a string. Is due to my error in setup or could the MX5 be a type of interface that is not compatible with Midi Guitar 2?

Hello, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
In order to help you, can you please provide more information about your configuration?

  • Windows, Mac, iOS?
  • OS version number ?

Thanks for the interest. I’m using windows 10 and going through a Headrush MX5 as the audio interface

I’m not familiar with the MX5, so I looked at the manual and I assume you have installed the MX5 specific drivers downloadable from the Headrush website.

To start with, the reasonable configuration is :
sample rate 44.1 kHz - buffer size 128 or 256 samples : latency should be negligible
Check it is the same on both MX5 and MG2.

Have you selected the correct audio source to send to the computer in the USB section?
I guess you have to choose:
“3: a mono channel of the guitar input with no effects applied.”

Have you also tried all 3 USB modes (Live-Daw-Reamp) to see if one is better?