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Hearing the guitar dry sound (another solution)


New to MG2 and I encountered a problem some people on this forum also had - hearing dry sound simultaneously with the synth sound. My interface is Audient ID4 so there is no software available to disable direct monitoring. In the last 3 days, I talked with the Audient support guys (very good experience) and we have found the problem. It’s rather particular to my setup but maybe there is someone who could use it.

My current setup: MBP 16 m1max, Monterey 12.3.1, Audient ID4 MKI, Logic pro 10.7.4 Rosetta
Issue: Mix Knob to DAW resulting in two layered sounds: the synth sound and the dry guitar sound
Important to know: everything was set properly on the MG2 side - exactly as explained on this forum and on the JO site.


  1. disabled all Loopback (Rogue Amoeba) devices. All but two of them had no impact. Those two had the ID4 as a source in common. With these two devices disabled no sound was outputted (mix monitor knob to DAW), neither the dry nor the synth sound. That was a sign that the problem could be Loopback related. Despite not being selected for input or output in Logic or MG2 standalone, they had an impact on the sound. (I don’t know why or how - it shouldn’t have happened)
  2. Uninstalled ACE. I did not uninstall Loopback but only one of its components. Reinstalled it again - problem solved.
    What ACE is: Rogue Amoeba | Installing ACE on MacOS 11 (Big Sur) and MacOS 12 (Monterey)

I don’t know the whys for this behavior but I tried MG2 on my older mac (mbp 15 2018 Catalina) - my current mac is very close to a clone of this older mac. On this older mac, there was no problem with the dry sound despite having exactly the same devices added to Loopback and the same Loopback version … and almost anything the same with my current mac. (of course, different OS, hardware and so on)

hope it helps someone. if not … well the forum is big enough to accommodate an useless topic :))