Hello everybody! I have a loud noise!

Hi everyone! Help me please.
I use midi guitar 2 on my iPhone SE(iOS 12.3.1).
Connect my guitar through IRig pro DUO. This is my sound card.
After an hour of use, sometimes more, a very loud noise appears. And I have to restart program to remove this.
I want to use some sounds on my consents but I afraid this sudden noise. Do anybody know the reason?

-is this with the most recent vefsion of MIDI Guitar?
-are there other apps running?
-if yes: please clarify what is running
-have you loaded AU plugins? if yes: which one?

I have 2.6.6 version.
AmpliTube, ToneStack Go, AmpKit work. But i’m Not sure about noise because i didn’t use them more than one hour. Maby this noise doesn’t depend of time.
What is AU plugins? In program I have transposed, sustain, mad-e piano and others. It’s them?
I bought midi guitar rig.

ok, 2.6.6 is the most actual version.
it is not about how many apps you have on your iphone, but about how many you are running at the same time. Be sure you have only the apps running that you really need.

Paul thank you! I will try!

I don’t remember! I think I used only this program…