Help getting trial to work with Ableton Live 11 (Windows) - Massive Latency Issues


I’m trying to evaluate whether or not this software will fit my needs before buying the full version, but I can’t get it to work…


  • Focusrite Scarlett 4i4
  • Windows 11
  • Ableton Live 11

So, when using the standalone midi guitar 2 app, I can’t get any sound to come out. I can hear the dry signal of the guitar in my monitors, but nothing coming out of the midi guitar 2 app.

snip 1

Similarly, I can’t get any sound to control VSTs via midi in Ableton Live either.

Could somebody please help? Thank you

I haven’t tried getting it to wok in Ableton yet, but was able to get it to work in the standalone app.

I found the solution at this link on the forum (also posting below) just in case somebody else runs into this issue in the future. Solution

Downloading the ASIO4All driver and installing it.
Starting the 32bit version and choosing this driver in the interface section of the program
Closing the 32bit version
Opening the 64bit version (wich has opend then with ASIO4All)
Choosing the originally wanted driver in the interface section

Even a restart of the 64bit version with the focusrite ASIO driver configuered then was successful.

Ok, so I’ve got everything setup to run in Ableton Live 11, but now there’s a level of latency that makes it unusable in the DAW…

The standalone plugin is actually quite fast, with minimal latency, but when routing the plugin in the DAW it’s functionally rendered useless because of the delay. Has anybody experienced this?

I’m currently running at 128 samples @ 44100 HZ, which the plugin in the DAW says should only have 2.9 MS of delay… but it’s much closer to half a second.

Okay, so the issue is that for whatever reason, the stock Ableton piano synth I chose just doesn’t track well with Midi Guitar 2. I’ve had success with other instruments.

I’ve bought the software at this point… quite impressive.

I suppose I’ll just make this thread a collection of me asking and figuring out questions on how to get this software to function with respect to Ableton in the event others run into these issues…

My latest question: Sometimes the guitar will trigger a note that will continue to ring and won’t stop even after I’ve stopped playing. How do I kill this without closing the project and reopening it??

i’m sure there is a better solution, but you could power down the sampler/synth module and turn it back on using the top left button.

that should kill any lingering notes without the need to close/reopen the project.