Help! I have a weird issue MG for iOS

I’ve just purchased the MIDI out version of MG2 and as soon as I load the MG2 app it corrupts the audio of the iPad, resulting in a pulsating sound resembling a vibrato effect. It affects all apps (MG2, YouTube, garage band, internet, etc.). I’m using iPad Pro, iOS 16, Behringer UMC204HD interface. Please Help!

so you are running Youtube, Garageband, Safari etc all at once?
maybe start with running just MG and setting it up

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply!
No, I’m not running all of the above at once. As soon as I open MG2 the issue becomes apparent because the sound in MG2 is pulsating. At first I thought it was some kind of an FX that’s on, but could not find one… I closed the app and opened an existing project in GB, and to my astonishment the sound in GB was pulsating as well. I went to check other apps with audio, and they all exhibited the same issue. Weird! The only way to stop this, is by disconnecting my audio interface and reconnecting.

then most likely your interface is sucking too much power, you need a powered hub or at least the camera connection kit, but powered hub is better.

The interface is powered by an external source. It works fine with GB, recording guitars and vocals with no issues.


A bit confusing.

Confusing, Indeed, but true. I’m starting to think that maybe the (Chinese made) Active usb2 Hub I bought, is not performing to spec. It’s made by Gold Touch. Paul, what’s your thought?

This happens to me when i shut down my rig. I run mg2 with an omec teleport on my pedal board. If i forget to shut down the apps before turning my pedal board off, i get this screaming vibrato effect that comes out of the iPad speakers. I think it’s caused by the input in mg2 shifting to the ipad microphone as input. Try setting up mg2 first without your interface connected.

Hi Jimmy, thanks for the reply!

Looks like an audio feedback in MG . Starting with shutdown Master button?..

Hello Patybul, thanks for your response. After a week of troubleshooting the issue it became apparent that it’s not MG2’s fault. All apps exhibit this strange behavior. It happens whenever I switch between apps or close and open an app. The only way to stop the “crash” is by disconnecting the audio interface and then reconnecting it…