Help Midi machine CC to midi notes

Hi, Is it feasible to create a midi machine that will pass a note from a received midi CC ?

CC= 70 converted to midi note C0.
CC= 71 converted to midi note C#0.

The context is that I’m looking to buy a controller that is just able to send CC, no notes.

I’m almost there, but I get a hanging note on forever. I presume I should pass a note off after a delay but no idea how. Please help. Thanks!

Does your controller have several knobs with cc#70, cc#71 etc or does your controller has 1 CC dial, using the output values to select the note?

The controller I’m looking to buy has 8 switches and each one can be assigned a specific CC and a sub-parameter value ( ex 0 or 64 ). I’m testing with my keyboard controller for now and it wants to work but I get a note hanging ( no note off). If I place the note off right after the note on, it doesn’t work. I’m thinking it needs a small delay before sending the note off. Any idea how ?

function OnControl(channel, cc, value)
– for any CC received, send out a note

if cc > 0 then

– test for CC modulation wheel and note C0 velocity greater than 0

Note(channel, cc+24 , 10 )

– Need to insert some delay ex 1 sec ???

–Note off / send same note with velocity 0

Note(channel, cc+24, 0 )



ok. I assume your siwthces send a 0 value when you release them. is that true?
secondly: do you want to use it polyphonically or are the 8 swithes for switches 1 note (mono)

I’m not sure if it does. It’s possible. I don’t have the unit yet on hands before I think I can make it work.

Each switch could be assigned one specific CC or note to be triggered one at a time. Polyphony not necessary.

Maybe I’m all wrong here.

Maybe if I explain what I’m trying to achieve, you might have a better clue on how to achieve it.

What I got.
Your Midi bass/guitar Stand alone or VST inside Cakewalk Bandlab, and Ample sound standup bass instrument which will wait for note C0, C#0, D0, etc to activate the various articulations. My idea is to use a foot controller to trigger those notes.

Thanks for your help, Paul. Hopefully there is a solution.

without knowing what your footcontrollers sends, I can not make a script for you.
Further the articulation area of an instrument is not sounding afaik, so your current instrument should allready work. any articulation note on will most likely overrule the previous one.
The hanging notes will only occur on instruments that havent got articulation notes on that spot.

Hi Paul, I opted for a foot controller that can be set to send midi notes and has an expression pedal input. It has less switches than what I was hoping for, but It will be simpler. Thanks for taking time to help me though. Much appreciated.

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