Hi featur request here chord pad feature@

Hi a chord pad mode would be great for this plugin so a pad to be played based on recognised chords rather than direct midi those could be used to play chords and the od single note whilst the pad mode picks up on the chord played and then sends out a midi drone pad so that you could use it to accompany your self or add a pad instrument to a song you already playing guitar on.

how would the midi drone pad ‘know’ how long to sustain itself?

would that be a fixed value? would chord1 turn off when chord2 arrives? what about the last chord in your song?

if you also want synth sounds while soloing against the sustained pad you will have to use tools outside of mg2 for your pad sound.

either that or multiple instances of mg2, optimally with multiple volume pedals so that you can mix the pad / guitar / synth as desired.