High E note not registered

Hello new user here I recently purchased MIDi Guitar 2 and MIDI Bass after trying for a couple of years.

I’m experiencing a little issue with the high E note on my 24 fret guitar.
The note is not registering in MIDI Guitar 2.
Everything else seems to be working smoothly.

Any suggestions on what might be the problem.

Yes. It only tracks from E2 to (but not including) E6, so on 24 frets you miss that one very highest pitch.
The next updates should increase range.

Thank you for the quick response

As well as the High E on the guitar I also have a 5 string Bass on which MIDI Bass fails to register any note below the Low E on the 5 string, so no Low B :wink:

As you address this aspect on MIDI Guitar you might also attack the other end on MIDI Bass.