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High latency + lots of ghost notes

So I’m trialing the midi guitar plugin to see if it’s a fit for me. I’ve got my guitar input through an Axefx2 such that the DI sound is on channel 3+4, which I’ve configured in the plugin. The plugin itself is loaded in Logic, and the project is set to 48k/128samples (tried 256 too). I could probably deal with the small amount of latency but the number of ghost notes is crazy. To the point where it’s unusable in any sort of real situation. The demo reel shows much better tracking and zero ghost notes. So where do I start dialing things in for me?

Note I do also have the Fishman triple play wireless MIDI and it seems to have all of the same issues. “Just play cleaner” - I guess… but I’ve been playing 30years and through an amp it does sound very clean (of unwanted noise). I’m used to muting all the strings that I’m not actively using.

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I do not want to repeat myself as the question has been asked many times and you have however summarised the problem correctly by saying:

To put it simply: I have been playing guitar for 50 years and it took me several months to get a good result on MG2.
It is a new “technical” learning of your playing, an adapted setting of MG2 and possibly the guitar and accessories to be added, and a way of “thinking” each virtual instrument one plays.

There are plenty of posts on this subject, just type “ghost notes” in the search box to find all the good tips and advice.

For me,
changing from playing with a pick to fingerpicking made a quantum improvement in terms of eliminating glitches, artifacts and ghost notes. But it took me a couple of months ( and blisters on my picking hand ) to learn it.

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