How can I switch instruments perimeters using a midi foot switch

Can you switch to change (toggle) parameters of the instrument that I select from within MG2?

I.e. toggle leslie in a Hammond organ keyboard.

Hi Don.

Sure , if the Hammond Leslie toggle has a CC assigned to it already, or perhaps you need to set that up for yourself. I assume you are talking about a software Hammond? Which one in particular, if I may ask?

The way to go about it is:

  1. Find out what CC value you want to assign to your pedal (what CC is connected to the Leslie toggle in your software)
  2. When you have set your foot controller/pedal to send out that CC, connect it to the computer and pick it from the INTERFACE/CONTROL “Select MIDI controller list”
  3. Now open your software instrument, and it should work.

Not all software does have this easy access control over the Leslie though.
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I use AZR3 organ with one of the Behringer FCB1010 footpedals assigned to turn on/off the leslie. It works very well and the leslie controls are excellent.

Too bad I can’t find a free leslie vst to use as a guitar effect.

Here’s a link to the AZR3:

There are some unfortunately they are often old, 32 bit and no longer tracked, like here:
rotary plugins
or this one that I still use on guitar in 64 bit bridged version.
Rotor Style ORGAN
If you look hard enough, maybe you can find others. When coded correctly, the 64 bit bridged versions are very stable.

How do you make a bridged version? Is there software for doing that?
Also, is the bridged version stereo? I found that the stereo leslie simulators sound much better.

I’ve always liked Majken’s Pan-Oh!-Rama for adding rotary,tremolo etc though there’s probably better out there. It’s a pretty versatile vst and its free: - Free VST Plug-ins

You have to use a program : jBridge is cheap and effective. The investment was quickly paid off for me: I clamped about thirty vst-32.
The converted plugin will be exactly the same as the original (i.e. stereo).
The only difference will be, as I said above, that if the plugin has not been coded correctly, it can cause crashes, but this is rare.
AZR works perfectly in 64 bit, I use it for almost all my organ sounds.