How do I get MG2 to open in the state I left it?

I was looking for an actual manual but haven’t seen one yet. All the fx and additions I usually (so far) click none and just use it for audio to midi. Every time I open it up I have to go through and close all that stuff by clicking on “none”. Is there a preferences page or anything that I can just choose to close all that out and open when needed? Also have everything enabled or disabled the way it was when I closed the program. I’m away from it right now but didn’t find a way to do that this morning.

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Make your settings and save the patch with the name you want.
When you open MG, simply recall it in the patch window.
If I understand what you’re saying, you’re not using any effects or instruments, just the audio-to-midi function: as it’s the “default” patch that opens when MG loads, you shouldn’t have to do anything since it’s an empty patch?
Please confirm what I said, I may have changed the configuration of the “default” patch.

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Thanks Herold. I hadn’t yet seen how to save patches.

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Glad to see it works.

Do not hesitate to take the time to read the built-in help: it is very basic but gives the essential information to take advantage of MG’s features (such as the patch).

Page 6 about the Midi Velocity window is particularly useful for understanding the proper handling of midi instruments whose response to guitar playing varies depending on the instrument used.
These settings will be saved as well like many others in a patch.