How do I load a bass guitar into Midi Guitar?

Hi. I have just downloaded Midi Guitar. It works as a plug in in Reaper with the stock piano and sounds great. I would like to load a bass guitar and I thought the software came with a load of instruments but it seems I was wrong. I realise I’m making newbie errors here but I haven’t managed to sort this out despite trying to find and download virtual instruments. Can anybone point me in the direction of a good bass guitar VST? Many thanks.

There are a lot of bass guitar VSTi available, many for free. +++ HERE +++ are a few you can download and try out.

4Front, DSK and Amplesound are a few of the VST developers I trust. The Amplesound bass uses samples from a Fender Precision bass which is said to be the most recorded bass.

Thanks fogle622, that’s a great help. I’ll check them out.

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