How do I put in my license number for MG2?

How do I put in my license number for MG2?
I’ve been having starup problems with settings etc.
Now I see I’m on some trial version and it asks me for my license file.
WHERE is my license file???

The license file was sent to you when you ordered MG. I have just reactivated the link for you.
Just save it somewhere safe with your documents. Then, when MG interrupt as a trial, you can apply the license.

Thanks. I did manage to find the original license file and put it in.

I still can’t get MG2 to open with 128 bits.

It Always opens with 256 bit setting.

When I’m running MG2 I can change it to 128 bits either in MG2 or in the Presonus Universal control.

MG2 always resets the bits to 256 when it opens (not when it closes) .

Unfortunately after I reactivated the license all my saved prestes do not work.

I tried scanning the correct folder but MG2 will ONLY find the basic synths etc.


I have them saved in a different backup drive but MG2 will not look at them when scanning.

ALL of the instruments are still in the main “user” directory for MG2.

MG2 stores all data in a single folder which you can open by going to:
MG2 => Preferences => Open Data Folder.
In here you will see which plugins it has found and your patches.
MG will never delete any patches.
You need to scan the right directories so that your virtual instruments show up. Until that happens, it won’t load any patches with those virtual instruments in them.
Are you using Windows or Mac, and what version of operating system?

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