How does a whammy bar compare to a pitch wheel?

I’ve never owned a guitar with a whammy bar yet, would you be able to replicate something like this with those fast bends?(Anomalie - Tony Mitraglia (Synth Solo Transcription) - YouTube)

I’ve also experienced issues when sliding grace notes with pitch bends enabled, any fix?

Hi @Mizmiz
I use my whammy bar all the time for scoops and wide vibrato stuff. Just see to that you match the bend ranges of the MG2 software and the instrument (softsynth or whatever) you are playing. If you need to perform bigger bends than a wholetone (two semitones) set your bendranges to anything above. A good rule is to use BR 12 for both MG2 and synth wherever possible. The degree to which you will be successful in replicating a performance like this is very much up to your familiarity with the (soft)synth you are playing. These short notes are the big challange. You will have to play with very little finger pressure to be able to swiftly stop notes from ringing, leaving a little space between the notes to get this funky style.

Issues when sliding grace notes? What do you mean more precisely?

Thanks for the advice. By sliding grace notes I meant sometimes when I slide in from a grace note to a target note (let’s say 7 fret to 9) there’s a chance that it glitches back to the 7th fret when your finger is still on the 9th, so it sounds like you used a grace note from 9th to 7th instead. It’s hard to explain, obviously not that big of deal really, happens only 4/5 times for me.

No, I know what you mean! That happens to me too. But what is strange is that is is almost exclusively an issue at a certain place (which is different for different guitars) I have problems with semitone slides from fret 11 to 10 - high e string) getting stuck on 11 on my Carvin perhaps but not the same for my Parker. I think it has something to do with the frets on the guitar perhaps, as it doesn’t seem to translate it as a slide properly. Acoustically it sounds like a slide obviously, but I am curious as to what is lacking in the voltage-version going into MIDI Guitar. Do you experience differences between guitar too perhaps?

I only have one guitar, but like I said, I don’t experience it if bends are disabled. Maybe MG2 is interpreting the slide as a quick bend and then releases it back to the original note you slid from or something, but I do use the pre bend midi machine so idk

No, of course. Then there can’t be any pitch wheel message “stuck” (It is just interpreting/translating notes, and not slides)

I have many guitars with a tremolo bar/whammy/wammy bar.
I assume you are using MG2 by using a guitar.
For an instrument you may want to choose a synth with Pornamento adjustments.
The input ADC of the MG2 can be set for pornamento slides so let’s just call it that.


If you are playing a keyboard through MG2 then I have no idea what you want to do…