How to change Patch via Ableton 10 Suite

Hy Jammers!

I want to change patch in Midi Guitar 2 from my Ableton Live suite and my Line6 FBV Express MKII Foot pedal.
I’ve tried a lot of setup but nothing’s work.
My setup in Ableton is

  • My Guitar on Track 1 Monitor [IN] with an instance of Midi Guitar 2 with my Zebra 2 vst for the sound i need
  • On this track i made an Instrument Rack with 2 chains, One for my Clean sound and another one for Midi Guitar 2. The switch between the is ok, i use the chain selector with one of my slot on my Foot pedal
  • in Midi Guitar 2 patch list, i created 2 patchs, 001 Cello, 001 Flute
  • on a midi track, the midi signal come from Midi Guitar #1 and i hear the sound i play.
  • On that midi track i created 2 Dummy clips with the Program Change option (PGM 1, PGM 2) in the clip to launch the patchs from my pedal, but it doesn’t work at all.

What’s wrong ?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Teepi
If you want to use a foot pedal to change presets in Abelton you need to:

  1. Set up a new MIDI Track for that foot pedal (MIDI from…foot pedal, and MIDI to…that AUDIO Track you have MIDI Guitar opened on (also choose the MIDI Guitar option in the slot below)
  2. See to that your pedal is set to send PC messages (PGM change)
  3. Record enable BOTH tracks
  4. use unique names for patches in MG2 (only one 001, one 002, and so on.
    This should be it for setting up a foot pedal

    With regard to setting up midi tracks with dummy clips sending PGM change, it should be a similar setup. But that is to trigger MG2 patch change. You seem to want to send PGM change to your pedal (from Abelton) for some reason, that isn’t clear to me? If you tell me in detail what function you are looking for perhaps?

Hi LoFiLeiF,

Thanks for your answer. it’s help.

So to be more precise.

Mu goal is to be able to play live my guitar with clean sound (only some EQ, COMP & REVERB from Ableton) and also to play Midi Guitar with ZEBRA 2 Vst for make Loops with the Looper from Ableton.

So i’ve create a Group (GUITAR SYNTH) with an Audio Track (GUITAR) and a Midi Track (SYNTH)

Like i am a new member i can’t share more than one picture so i send you the rest in another message

On the GUITAR, i have an Instrument Rack with 2 chains.
The first with my FX for clean sound
The second with Guitar Midi 2

My Foot Pedal Control is setup like this
Slot A = to Launch the Looper on the Group GUIT SYNTH
Slot B = to Switch From CLEAN SOUND TO MIDI GUITAR via the Chain selector in Instrument Rack
Slot C & D = to change patchs in ZEBRA VST by increments or decrement

But for the moment it doesn’t work

I share you the Preferences panel with my Foot pedal (Line 6 FBV Express MkII ) connections

Hope it’s more clear for you


Hi @Teepi!

I am sure that setup is intuitive for you. Abelton is so deep that way. We can set up stuff in so many ways. I am not sure why you would not use Zebra outside out MG2 on its own MIDI track? And the clean guitar too? Do you use the rack to be able to use the looper for either of the clean or the ZEBRA. I don’t see how you would be able to change the Zebra patches from insde MG2 with PC messages. Once you send a PC message to MG2 it will take that as a message to change ITS patches, and I don’t think there is any relaying those messages further into loaded vst’s. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. so…

Hi LoFiLeiF

Yes my goal is to be able to loop both Clean Guitar and Midi Guitar.

In fact Zebra is separate of MG2, so it’s on the SYNTH Track because as you said, it’s not possible to change programs further in MG2. Or the solution could be to create multiple patchs with Zebra inside MG2 but it’s seems to take a lot of CPU. I just saw you video to launch differents patch in MG2 with a foot pedal controller but it’s seems working with the Standalone version of MG2 only.
When you use the VST MG2 in Ableton you have not access to the MIDI CONTROL. Or i made a mistake somewhere… For the moment i have no solution. Hope i’ll find…


By the way i read that Jam Origin update MG 2 to MG3… Have you some infos on that news? i’ve seen that you have the V3 on your Youtube Channel. I really like what you play :wink: I’m also very intersted by the midi breath controller you use for sax. That’s amazing of realism

Best regards

Hi @Teepi!
There are quite a few questions in your post here, so I hope I get to most of them. First, you can absolutely have distinct Zebra preset patches in MG2. It doesn’t take any more CPU power to run a Zebra in MG2 compared to outside in Abelton in my experience. The thing is then you have access to the clean channel as well, and don’t need that rack setup. You just send the audio output to your looper directly. You just need to have a controller (pedal) connected to the “master mix” to be able to decide what should be passed on.
As I mentioned above you can absolutely change patches on MG2 in plugin mode. You just need to see to that your pedal CC.s (Program Change) are relayed to the AUDIO track as per the above description. You dont need to adress that inside MG2.

And yes, MG3 is on its way, and I’ve been most fortunate in that I’ve been involved in a small part of the testing process. I can’t however tell you anything in terms of release dates and status yet. All that is going to come up on the roadmaps page in due time, and if you haven’t already: sign up to the mailing list to be sure to get all the info on that.

Yeah, breathcontroller is a great addition for many instruments. I am using the TEControl BBC2 everywhere, but there are of course a few options. But I agree, the combination of MIDI Guitar 2 with a breath controller and a well written instrument is giving us incredibly realistic results nowadays. :grinning: :+1:

Thanks so much for your answers to all my questions :wink: I’m french and very gossipy

I will try another setup with your comments. In fact i’m new on MG2 and Ableton…

See you

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