How to choose Garage-band version vs Windows and Mac version

I tried the demo, but need to select either the Garage-Band version of the more expensive version for windows/mac

I see the one is more expensive with more features…but can’t tell if they otherwise work the same way with Garage-band as my DAW. If they don’t functionally plug-in to Garage-Band in the same way, how do they differ beyond the extras?

I scrolled through a bunch of forum questions and couldn’t find out how people are supposed to know this. Help, please.

So…basic question is, do they operate inside garage-band, or are is one stand-alone only? Any help you can give so I can see if I need to get the more expensive version would be great.

Thanks, Rick
edit: I purchased the full program and have a bunch of problems using it with a brand new 2023 Mac Mini running Ventura 13.3.1
No real help anywhere online. This place is like a morgue.

Hi Rick!

What problems in particular are you having with MG2?
I don’t have a Mac Mini, and I only have Ventura 13.1 on my MBP, but let’s see if I can help you anyway?

I am having multiple problems each, with the standalone and integrated w garageband. I just asked for a refund. I don’t want to go step by step through this on a forum.

I’m going to take the money and put it towards a Jamstick and move on with my life. Thank you for the offer. - Rick

What this thing needs is a step-by-step video of how to install it and fix the errors and problems that arise. There is almost no information online that is useful. I’ve spent several hours watching videos and reading posts here and on other sites. The lack of real support by the company is a problem

At various times I would have sound or no sound. I could not change instruments…or, if I did, the label would change but not the sound. I could see a wave form if I recorded, but if I exported the track, there would be no sound.

I think My son resolved the issues. Thanks again.

You did not ask for this at all in your post.

So why did you come to this forum to ask questions and seek help?

As a user of this forum, I have always received help whenever I need it, and I have always helped others in the same situation.

I accept all constructive criticism and am aware that everyone has a right to expect answers to their questions about a product they have purchased.

But I don’t appreciate people who waste your time with questions, and who tell you that they are not interested in being helped when you answer them.

Courtesy is the order of the day on this forum, and for money problems, this is not the place to go but to the developer on the contact page of his site


I don’t know if Rick is an American but he sounds like a frustrated Republican.

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is that considered to be the good manners people discuss and the site requests?

I came to see if someone could point me to useful way to get quick info. Waiting a day for a reply, then trying to go one line item at a time to resolve basic use issues is b.s.

You don’t appreciate people who waste your time, yet here you are, wasting mine. Nothing courteous about your reply. It was passive-aggressive, at best.

You can all save your time, I won’t be back for more of this nonsense. - now muted. you’re free to continue the bashing, you’re not free to waste more of my time

No it’s not…but I couldn’t help myself. I’m not the moderator. Anyway if I trust what you wrote in your last message. You’ll never read my reply.