How to Combine Midi Guitars 2 Live with Natural Guitar

I’m using an Omen Teleport and although it works fine utilizing Midi Guitar 2 when the OMEC Teleport is switched on…I’d like to be able to have the regular guitar signal combined with the Synth…how do I hook it up to work in that manner

there are different manners
1)Only in iOS version: Inside MG you can click on “master” and it will turn into “split”, where the synth is output on channel 1 and guitarchannel on channel 2. This is the “wet” method, where you can use MG’s guitareffect channel.
2) you put a split box in front of the Teleport, where one channel is going straight to your mixer/amp.

thanks so much, this makes perfect sense.
I have a radial Bigshot ABY Box so If I understand correctly … place this box in front of the OMEC Teleport
Put My guitar into the input of the ABY take one out of the ABY and to the Input of the OMEC and then one out of the Omec to my guitar amp

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