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How to connect a sustain pedal for midi guitar use?


I’ve got the ChordieApp and a keyboard sustain pedal, but can’t figure out how you run a guitar through it as it has no input.
I’m using Cubase and UAD LUNA software.
Do I need a different type of sustain pedal that allows guitar input? do these even exist?

Thanks for any ideas.

Hey Mike! I use my sustain pedal through my keyboard. I have my keyboard active as one of my many MIDI inputs, alongside my breath controller, my foot pedal, my Roli seaboard, and whatever other stuff I have connected. As I use “all in” for MIDI (in Abelton) it takes information from everything at the same time.Same with Chordie;

So MIDI Guitar 2 supplies note values, velocities, aftertouch, etc, whereas my keyboard ONLY supplies sustain pedal info. I can use another way to avoid connecting the keyboard too. Then I use this: https://www.tecontrol.se/products/usb-midi-pedal-controller Most useful for sustain pedal action with an iPad, when you don’t feel like adding a physical keyboard or synth to the setup! (Answer is a copy of the one on my YouTube on the same question with the addition of the Chordie app pic)

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Thanks much Leif.
I get this in principle, but when I look at my keyboard, guitar and interface, I’m still unclear how to set this up. I’ve made some initial steps with ChordieApp, but being able to integrate the sustain function would be a great help and I’m not there yet.

I’ve just ordered the midi-pedal-controller, which may take a while to arrive.
In the meantime, as I’m more a visual learner, are there any videos you’ve already made showing your midi setup configuration?
Many thanks again for all your help!

Sorry, none yet! Let’s see if I can’t make a video on the subject somewhere soon? I’ll let you know! :handshake:

Many thanks Leif. BTW, here’s a video I made to say thanks!:


Hi Mike, if you use MG2 as a plugin in Cubase, which I think is the best way if you want to use it along with an external controller, you just have to get a midi expression pedal or a footstep midi controller and you will be able to do much more than just controling sustain.
I personnaly use a FCB1010 footcontroller which incorporate 2 expression pedals to which you can assign any effect you want with Cubase .

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Many thanks Manu. I’ve just ordered a unit (MeloAudio) and will test this out with a spare Expression pedal as soon as it arrives! Thanks for the info.