How to control sensitive notes

What is the setting to control the sensitivity of notes, what i mean is that for example i am trying to play linear notes but by the nature of the guitar other notes are ringing and thus are tracking playing unwanted notes in the process. How can i get a cleaner tracking for just the notes i am picking? i have tried using the noise gate and switching from mono to polyphonic but still i get those unwanted notes. any thoughts?

The most complex thing in MG2 is how to achieve the holy grail of midi tracking !

Please have a look at these posts, maybe it can help you:

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and typing “tracking”, “ghost”, etc into the search box will give you most clues.

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Thank you so much, Herold!!!

You have given me some reference points to look at, which is what I really wanted, before I post for specific help. I just didn’t know enough about the various parameter choices and how the affect the software’s ability to track my guitar. I will farm the forums for information before getting back with any specific questions or direction.

Thank you again for your time!

One question: Does this software work better with active pickups vs. passive?

This is a question that I have never asked myself, since I have no guitar with active pickups but I found the answer in less than 30 seconds by typing “active pickup” in the search field :grinning:

I leave it to you to do the same because it is a good habit to get into before asking the question if you have not found anything.
It is incredible the number of answers we find to our questions on this forum and we ever keep having questions to ask.