How to know which command values to send from my midi controller to MG?

Hi, I’ve been scanning the forum to find info on how to use a midi controller to call up or switch between saved patches. I think I understand that I need to send a Program Command to do this, and that the value will be different for each patch, like a unique patch identifier if you will. How do I find out (or specify) what those values are? Is there a reference table that shows what PC and CC values refer to? (I’m using an Airstep as my controller, Komplete Audio 6 as my DI, running MG2 as a standalone - no DAW as I want to use this for live playing only.)

Hi @PaddyO

if you set your Airstep to send program change, you just need to save any preset on MG2 you want to have come first as 001(Preset name), and for the following 002(Preset name), 003(Preset name)…and so on. I did some (silent - no talk) video on connecting some pedals (Softstep and FC-300 but it is the same principle, if you want to have a look?

Video was most helpful, thank you @LoFiLeiF . So just prefixing the preset name with a number, and matching the command to that number? Awesome, thanks. It sounds almost too easy! (This is my very first foray into midi so thanks for your clear explanations.)

I’ve also come across the “midi learn” button - do I need to do anything with that as well, or does that get used for something different? It seems like if it lets me send a suite of current state settings to the Airstep so it “learns” them, that’s kind of achieving the same thing?

The MIDI Learn button is for assigning (external) controls to some (not all) parameters in MG2. If you click the MIDI learn button you can see what “Assign” alternatives there are. And if you have a chosen a controller from the INTERFACE/MIDI INTERFACE/CONTROL list, you just click any ASSIGN and wiggle the control you want to use for it to pair them: It will say “waiting for CC” (see pic)

Awesome, thank you @LoFiLeiF

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