How to play 100% wet through external synth?


I am evaluating the standalone demo version for bass, using an external synth (Deepmind 12) and a 5-string fretless bass with piezzo pickup. Audio interface is Steinberg UR242, Windows 7, using the Steinberg ASIO driver set to 128 samples buffer size.

I would like first of all to turn off completely the bass sound, and have only the external synth sound, but can’t figure out how to do it - both are audible, and there is no way to turn the bass through the audio interface either.

Then I have some CPU spikes from time to time, which are worse when playing through the external synth, than when playing through the internal Rhodes - should be the opposite to my opinion.

Finally, even at that buffer size, I have a noticeable latency, which is far worse, than I would expect for 128 samples buffer size, but still playable. What is the difference in setting the buffer size in the “Latency” field, compared to opening the driver setting through the “Driver” button, and setting the buffer size there?

Rou interface has a direct monitoring option, that routes the incomign signals to the output without going through the computer. turn that off and you’ll have pure synth.

Latency of guitar and bass midi synths is not primairily determined by the buffersetting: the biggest latency is the time of conversion, which is straight related to the wavelength of the tone involved. A low bass E has a period of 26 ms, even with a theoretical ideal conversion you’d hear latency there.

In most cases the driver button latency setting is the default setting, and the client, our app, can override this with its settings. But please set the both to the desired bufferlength to be sure.