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How to play presonus internal instruments

Hello, I am new to this forum and I am new here. Iam from austria so please ignore my bad english ;-). I have downloaded the free trial version of MG2 and I am really impressed. I have managed to run the stand alone version, and I am now trying in Presonus studio one. I have set it up as a plugin in an audio track and with the internal instruments of mg2 it works well. What I want to do now is to trigger the internal instruments of studio one by MG2, and I need help how to set this up in presonus studio one. If this works, I will buy MG2 so I am thankfull for any help.

thanks and regards,


I just got it set up in studio one earlier today.

You need to set the input of the software instrument to midi guitar. If you make the track size really big, you will see an option to change the input underneath the buttons to arm the track and turn on monitoring.

Then make sure you have monitoring turned on for both the audio track and the software track.

There’s a video on the website that shows how to do it on an older version of studio one. I’ll try to remember to post a screenshot when im on my desktop next time